Twilight's Kingdom

by Pony!

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-The Mane 6 Writing to Twilight-

Dear Princess
Are you there
Something tells me
Something in the air

Time has come for a new world
Don't wander in the past
Your newly founded kingdom
Will surely stay and last

Be wary and watch where you tread
The balance of life could hang by a thread
In company, you understand
Friendship brings nothing bland

Oh Princess Twilight
Won't you make it last forever
We bask in your happiness
Help you through endeavors

But the sun comes up
The moon then around
With hearts as strong as horses
[Still] We keep on falling down

I don't know where we're going anymore
But I have no worries at all
And to you do we implore
To answer as we call

And this life we lead
Choose wisely
We all adore you
Sincerely we do


But there are some who wander in the dark
They pull you in, their world is stark
And maybe you think you can run and hide
Yet, the terror you'd feel inside

In your Kingdom, do you promise to keep your sanity?
Or will you succumb to the unworldly beings

Where will you go?
Where will you go?
Where will you go?


released May 11, 2014
Produced by Vylet, Skreek, and Sylver. Vocals by Vylet



all rights reserved



I like an colored horses. When I am emotion I cri and mak sounds on mi computer, lad. Account managed by Matt B. (of my band Chartreux)

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